Technical News

We studied mechanisms of our additives effect/behavior from the point of interfacial chemistry.
We represent some summary reports for more understanding to use additives.

Rheology modifier for Water borne coating
We introduce the features of rheology control agent, DISPARLON AQ / AQH series, for water borne coating.
Additives for solvent-free epoxy floor coatings
Epoxy floor coatings are widely used. We would like to introduce our additives which are used for solvent-free epoxy floor coatings to solve the problems such as foaming, poor workability and poor self-leveling.
New Hybrid Rheology Control Agent for water-borne Coatings
DISPARLON AQH-800 is a hybrid type of special polyamide compounds and the unique hybrid network structure provides many features different from general rheology modifiers.
Additives for water-borne metallic coatings
We introduce the features and the effects of various additives for water-born metallic coatings.
Surface control agents for plastic coatings
The function of surface control agents for plastic coatings are introduced.
Effects and Types of Pigment wetting agents and Dispersants
Fundamental work and classification of Pigment wetting agents and Dispersants by the non-aqueous paint system are explained plainly.
Paint additives for non-aqueous coatings
Many additives are used in paint and coatings.We simply classified additives by performance.
Effect of additives on color troubles
Multi-pigmented paints suffer color troubles such as flooding and/or floating.We recommend using multi-functional additives to prevent such troubles.
Types and performance characteristics of thixotropic agent
There are a great number of paint additives, among which thixotropic agents are particularly important and essential in formulating paint systems.