Environmental Test

Environmental Test Chamber

Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

  • The revolutionary model changes the way that reliability test are performed from user friendly-concept.
  • Original sophisticated technologies, vapor circulation system, DC inverter rotary compressor etc., are equipped as standard feature.

Compact, Multi-Stacking Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

  • Unique compact design helps minimization of installation space.
  • Stacking mechanism up to 3 chambers as one system supports multiple standard reliability test simultaneously.


High Temperature Oven

  • Responsible to valuable needs from accurate reliability temperature test to heat treat and drying on assembly line.
  • Wide range covers from standard type, forced hot air exhaust type to anaerobic type etc.


Walk-in Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

  • Appropriate specification satisfies reliability test for assembled and completed products covering important industries for automotive, home appliance, etc.
  • Flexible construction method to satisfy customer’s requested specification and layout.


Temperature Cycle Test Chamber

  • State-of-art engineering succeeded development according to requirement of internal testing standard
  • Both air-to-air type and liquid-to-liquid type are available in line.  

General Purpose Chambers

  • We are happy to support various customer’s demand as custom-made, like for secondary-battery charge-discharge test, etc.