Environmental Test

Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber HIFLEX NEO

The revolutionary HIFLEX NEO series will change the way that reliability tests are performed.
Low GWB Refrigerant R-448A is adopted as the best environmental-friendly technology.

•Original “Smart controller” equipped to all models as standard contributes and flexible operation

As chamber control application software is installed in “smart controller”, flexible operation, data preservation, etc. is enabled through direct control by using external terminals.

•Power-saving/low noise/high performance

The latest DC inverter rotary compressor is equipped. Power consumption is reduced by a maximum of 58% (our comparison).

•Minimization of humidification water

Unique updated function supplying humidification water realizes 1000 hours continuous operation without humidification water supply subject to +85℃/85%RH operation.

•Space saving

Space saving is realized by state-of-art mechanism.
User-friendly design by adopting cable port at both sides.

•Temperature./humidity controllable range (FX type)

New feature from user-friendly view point

■1000 hours continuous operation with 85℃/85%RH

Because of unique vapor collection system as standard feature, 1000 hours continuous operation with 85℃/85%RH without humidification water supply is realized. As collected vapor is utilized as condensed water, conductivity is not raised. (excluding SXN type)

•By particular small tank, it is easy to supply humidification water.
*Equipped with FX type and SXN type.

■Program transfer function NLPE(Neo Local Program Editor)

Program prepared by external terminal, like PC, is transferred to main body easily via USB memory and utilized it.
*Optional smart controller is required for SXN、SLN.


High reliability

Reliable refrigerating circuit

Reliable rotary compressor is adopted. Temperature ramp-down up to −40℃ is guaranteed. Excellent refrigerator capacity could not effect significant influence even with optional viewing window.

Expansion of ambient temperature range

Because of reliable rotary compressor, ambient temperature range is expanded to +40℃ from existing +35.


HIFLEX NEO Series Model/Performance Chart
Temp./humid. chamber
(Internal dimension WxHxDmm)
600×750×600 700×950×700 1000×1000×800
FX411N-E FX421N-E FX431N-E
FX711N-E FX721N-E FX731N-E
Temperature chamber
(Internal dimension WxHxDmm)
600×750×600 700×950×700 1000×1000×800
−40℃~+100℃[+150℃] FL411N-E FL421N-E FL431N-E
−70℃~+100℃[+150℃] FL711N-E FL721N-E FL731N-E

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