Environmental Test

Compact, Multi-Stacking Temperature & Humidity Test Chamber

Compact and multi-stacking type HIFLEX NEO "S series" with excellent performance equivalent to HIFLEX NEO

Basic performance of HIFLEX NEO S is equivalent to HFILEX NEO, which is treated as "standard chamber".
Addition to advanced space-saving design and multi-stacking performance for simultaneous plural tests, basic policy of HIFLEX NEO is penetrated.

•Contribution to development time reduction by space-saving

Installation space comparison between SXN403 and 3 units of existing model. Space-saving contributes minimization of development period because of not only effective use of installation space but also simultaneous different 3 kinds of tests with different condition.


High performance

Adoption of powerful sirocco fan

Adoption of sirocco fan which is more powerful wind volume and pressure than propeller fan which is used test at laboratory. Sirocco fan contributes high uniformity performance while specimen inside.


Wide Temperature/humidity range

Even the compact size, it realizes equivalent temperature range to NEO series. It also enables maximum humidity range 98%RH operation. Furthermore, as option, enlargement of non-frost range is positive.


High reliability

Reliable refrigerating circuit

Reliable rotary compressor is adopted. Temperature ramp-down up to −40°C is guaranteed. Excellent refrigerator capacity could not effect significant influence even with optional viewing window.


Expansion of ambient temperature range

Because of reliable rotary compressor, ambient temperature range is expanded to +40°C from existing +35.


HIFLEX NEO S Series Model/Performance Chart
Internal dimension (WxHxDmm)
Temp./humid. range 500×350×350 (500×350×350)×2 (500×350×350)×3 (600×600×500)×2
SXN401 SXN402 SXN403 SXN412
−40°C〜+100°C[+150°C] SLN401 SLN402 SLN403 SLN412

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