Environmental Test

Automatic Measurement System

Insulation Degradation Measurement System

  • World-widely reputable measurement system especially for electro-chemical migration evaluation including CAF
  • Combination with temperature & humidity chamber is recommendable.
  • Up to 128CH is available subject to 250V applied voltage.

Conduction reliability Evaluation System

  • Reliable measurement system especially for solder crack evaluation during temperature cycle test
  • Combination with temperature cycle test chamber is recommendable.
  • Up to 256CH is available as standard feature.

Event Detector

  • Momentary disconnection measurement system for connector, circuit on PCBA etc.
  • Combination with not only temperature cycle test chamber but also vibration test system is recommendable.


Other Systems

  • Oxide film reliability evaluation system TDDB
  • Electro migration evaluation system EM
  • Capacitor Temperature Characteristics Evaluation System MCL