Environmental Test

Event Detector ED

Event Detector ED71 / ED71 SLIM

  • This is equipment for detecting “Event” during conducting situation by applying current continuously to all channels.
  • Board for applied current is selectable from 1mA,10mA,100mA,1A.
    (it is possible to test conforming IPC standard.)
  • Event detecting speed is 50nsec.
  • Suitable to solder ball, disconnection detection of wire harness, chattering on relay, conductivity test for switch.
  • Interface for synchronizing with vibration, drop, repeated bending, thermal shock is available as standard.
  • Event generator, occurring standard Event, is available.
  • Resistance is measured and recorded while Event detection.
ED Specification
Measurement resistance range
and measurement range
Event detection Resistance measurement
1mA 100~3000Ω 1Ωresolution 3000.0Ω 100mΩresolution
10mA 7~300Ω 100mΩresolution 300.00Ω 10mΩresolution
100mA 1~30Ω 10mΩresolution 30.000Ω 1mΩresolution
1A 100mΩ~3Ω 1mΩresolution 3.0000Ω 100μΩresolution

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