Industrial Raw Materials

Painting Materials

Synthetic Resins

Provide several products for paint, ink and adhesion and so on.

•Acrylic resin  •Epoxy resin  •Urethane resin
•Alkyd resin   •Phenol resin •Amino resin
•Polyester resin


Provide several solvents

•Eco friendly solvent  •Petroleum solvent
•Aromatic solvent    •Aliphatic solvent


Provide pigments

•Organic pigments  •Inorganic pigments
•Titanium oxide    •Carbon black
*Provide pigment paste

Curing Agents

Phenalkamine ( Paladin Paints & Chemicals INDIA )

Advantage of Phenalkamine is low temperature cure, excellent chemical resistance, good adhesion and good compatibility with epoxy resin.
Phenalkamine is used for marine, heavy duty paint and flooring based on epoxy paint.

Other Raw Materials

Provide raw materials for several applications except paint.
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