Environmental Test

General Purpose Chambers

Valuable range of general purpose chambers, such as LABONIC series which is for laboratories of chemistry, secondary-battery reliability test chamber with safety measure, solar battery- module reliability test walk-in chamber, multi-layered glass substance test system etc. are available.
Furthermore, custom-made product according to individual specification is happy to be provided.

Stability Test Chamber LABONIC LX Series

This series maintenance-free, because the water circuit is very simple and high polymer sensor is used for humidity measurement, so no need to exchange a wick basically. Since the capacity of this series is very large compared with its size, more sample can be installed.

Stability Test Walk-In Chamber LABONIC DH Series

This series has a wide test space for placement of many specimen compared with the unit’s size. Components, such as insulation panels, control unit are general purpose design. This is the reason why the assembly at customer’s site is completed within 3 days.
This series is maintenance-free , since high polymer sensor which eliminates wick exchange is equipped.

Solar Battery-Module Reliability Test Walk-In Chamber

This is most suitable walk-in chamber for heat-resistance test, humidity-resistance test, temperature cycle test, temperature/humidity cycle test and due cycle test etc. of solar battery-module.
Because of large wind volume sirocco fan, high level uniformity on each solar module panel is realized.
Graphic collar display on the controller shows temperature/humidity, test status.

Secondary-Battery Reliability Chamber with Safety Measure (SBC)

This is chamber developed for secondary-battery reliability test with several safety measures for smoking, flaming etc, as standard feature. As protective equipment, explosion vent is equipment as standard. Besides, combination with smoke detector, automatic distinguisher, it enables to find smoking/flaming in an early stage, construction of fire distinguish system.

Multi-Layered Glass Substrate Test System GA 100

This system alternately runs moisture resistance test, light resistance test and temperature cycle test according to JIS standard. This system has a special system controller with digital control for accuracy, safety and endurance.

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