Environmental Test

IECQ – Approved Independent Test Center

iec-logoOur testing laboratories provide high quality service according to the international standards.

•Soka Test Center

As the core testing center of Kusumoto Chemicals, Soka Test Center conducts research and development for various industries. Moreover, it is the hub of our "Reliability Clinic" for failure analysis, etc., and a control center of contracted services.


4-18-6 Benten Soka-city Saitama 340-0004
TEL +81 48-935-6511

•Yamagata Test Laboratory (IECQ Independent Test Center)

The Yamagata Test laboratory is equipped with environmental test chambers and automatic measurement systems for life tests including 15m2 large-scale environmental test rooms, gas corrosion chamber, and combination environmental test chambers with not only temperature but also vibration.


1702-3 Kanisawa Higashine-city Yamagata 999-3716
TEL +81 237-42-4207

•Mizunami Test Laboratory (IECQ Independent Test Center)

The Mizunami Test Laboratory is capable of undertaking corporated reliability testing/evaluation for the customers in the automotive electronics and digital electronics fields, and it is equipped with anechoic room (3m method) for EMI/EMC test and shield room for electro-surge test.
(EMS=NVLAP certified)


2018 Aza Kobora Yamada-cyo Mizunami-city Gifu 509-6104
TEL +81 572-67-4051