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Temperature Cycle Chamber (air to air) WINTECH

New line-up is introduced for power device reliability test with +300°C specification.
New WINTECH series

This is model with various advanced function and performance, such as energy-saving, space-saving, minimization of recovery time, excellent uniformity, specimen temperature control etc. The full line-up covers reliability test for electrical parts, semi-conductor products, power device used in automotive etc.

Further enhancement

Stable temperature recovery performance by cold and hot air damper switching system

ETAC’s unique hot and cold air switching system by dampers consists of an independent high temperature room, a low temperature room and a test room (where specimen is placed). Hot and cold air are prepared in high temperature room and low temperature room respectively before either hot air or cold air flows in test room alternately, exposing the specimen in the test room to sudden temperature change. Because the test room does not move and only the ambient temperature around specimen changes rapidly. No other extra stress such as vibration is added to the specimen.
In addition, because the current conduction cables can be easily connected to the specimen, this design is optimum for test which requires accurate measurement such as joint reliability evaluation.

+300°C specification

+300°C specification is recently launched for reliability test of power device from automotive parts to industrial equipment with high voltage and high current.
For the launch, basic components were renewed due to renew heat-resistant.
Both high performance and excellent safety are adopted.

WINTECH AIR (air to air) Model/Performance Chart
Internal dimension (WxHxDmm)
Temperature range 370×330×400 370×500×400 370×450×400 650×500×400 700×500×600
(High temp.) +60°C ~ +200°C
(Low temp.) -65°C ~ 0°C
NT550A NT1050A NT1250A
(High temp.) +60°C〜+200°C
(Low temp.) −65°C〜0°C
NT1050W NT1250W NT2050W
(High temp.) +80°C ~ +300°C
(Low temp.) -65°C ~ -10°C
(High temp.) +80°C ~ +300°C
(Low temp.) -65°C ~ -10°C

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